Camper Life in Pictures!

Camper Life:

As many of you can guess, life in a camper is crowded and sometimes messy. Small spaces are very hard to keep clean. (Something I did not think was true but now realize it is a hard fact.)

I wanted to share some pictures with you as a way to let other moms and ladies out there to know that no one has it all together. Our lives are not picture perfect and we don’t always have our houses clean. Life is meant to be lived. So things are going to get messy along the way.

This is my families life, day in and day out. It’s simple and cozy but a little crowded at times. Hopefully they can bring a little relief into your day knowing that other ladies are dealing with messy floors, dirty kitchens, and imperfect lives. 🙂

Welcome to Our Humble Abode


Come on in, take your shoes off by the door….


Take a Seat in the Reading Chair

  Or Perhaps sit on the couch that needs to have a cover   because our children like to smother it in food and dirt. 🙂

Come, Gather at our Table…

Dinner Cooking in the Crock Pot?

Need a Drink of Water? It’s in that blue jug…

Houzz - Gifts for Her


Excuse me while I use the Loo…

    …which happens to be right next to the bedroom. Pretty handy. 😉

   Try Bluum Today

There you have it. My home in 9 simple pictures.

A part of me feels embarrassed to share these with you. For some reason, I think people will look at my life, see this simple fifth wheel, and inwardly laugh at it and feel sorry for me. Thankfully, I’m starting to not care what others think anymore. And so should you.

*Want to know some more about life in a 5th wheel. Go to blog post, Are You Thankful in All Things. 



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