The 15 Minute Workout for Busy Women

The 15 Minute Workout for Busy Women

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I have something exciting to share with you today!!!

There is an effective workout that I have been using for the past few months and have seen results like no other workout I have done before. Well, one that is so short that is. 🙂

If you are a busy mom or a busy women than I think you will appreciate what I have to share with you. Because as we all know, it is hard to get a workout in when there seems like there is no time for one. And who wants to bother working out for merely ten or fifteen minutes if it doesn’t show any results?

I used to have time to do a whole Tae-bo workout or go on long walks but since having another kid and building a house, time no longer allows for that. Yet, I wanted so desperately to lose my baby weight and get in better shape. Even when I looked thin I still had a baby pooch and didn’t feel healthy or in very good shape. I eat well so I have not dealt with gaining unwanted weight but my body was flabby and not strong.

I searched Pinterest for all sorts of workouts. And used one after the other. None of them gave me the results I wanted. I would either have to workout for an hour or go buy workout videos and spend more money on workout equipment. I did not want to do that.

I eventually came across this effective workout plan I am about to share with you. Now, it did not give immediate results. It took me a month to build up my strength and actually notice a difference. But let me tell you, I am so proud of myself. I have never been able to do a plank for more than a minute but this workout pushed me and has got me up to a 3 minute plank.

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It’s simple, no fuss moves but they are not what I would call easy. When I first started it, I felt so tired. Which seems silly cause its only 1o minutes of total workout time. Yet, they are moves that tone and strengthen your whole body.

If you want, you can go to this link and see where I got the original workout plan. (I would recommend reading the article to know why these workout moves are so effective. It also shows you how to do every move.) I changed it up a bit for me though. I was super out of shape and knew I would have to work up to what the original work out called for. If you are interested in what I did differently, then keep reading. 🙂

The Effective Workout I swear by:

I started on week 1 with Workout 1. I rested 20 to 30 seconds between each exercise. If it was a super bad day, it was longer. 🙂 I did workout 1 for a whole 2 weeks. I did not have a lot of strength and knew that I could not do a 3 minute plank like the original workout required. So I worked up to it.

By the third week I knew I was ready for a longer plank and moved on to workout 2. And so on and so forth. *Look at template for workout instructions.

Now, the only catch is that it needs to be done about 5 times a week to actually produce results. Since it is so short it wasn’t a problem for me. But, time does get away from us so there may be weeks that you miss a day here and there. No worries. Just keep up with the workout as best as you can. (If my boys took longer naps and I had more time, I would walk on the elliptical for 10 minutes or so. This helped get in a bit of cardio as well.)

As time goes on and I get even stronger I plan to change up this workout to be able to reach a 4 minute plank. Or if time allows, do the workout twice over for double the workout time. The fun thing about this workout is that you can play with it a bit and make it work to your fitness level. Perhaps you need to start with a 30 second plank rather than a minute one. Do so. There is no harm in that. Just work up to it.

This is a great workout for women who already have started implementing a fitness routine into their schedule but it is also a great starting point for women who are merely trying to get back into shape. I can honestly say that I do not exercise in any other way at this time. This is the only workout I do but it helps me build strength and stay in shape. As life slows down I hope to incorporate a more rigorous fitness plan in into my schedule but for now this does the trick.

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I hope that some of you will take my advice and try these moves out for yourself. I’m not trying to sell anything by promoting this workout. There is nothing special in it for me. I merely want to share my experience. I’m pretty excited about this and hope it can help other women get back in shape.

Now, I do realize that many people want to see result pictures of the one claiming an effective workout. I must admit that I am not comfortable with posting my body pictures directly onto this site. Yet, if you would like to see my before and after pictures I am more than willing to send you an email. Subscribe to our mailing list with a photo request and I will get those sent to you. It really is amazing to see the difference in my body after having my second son and what my body looks like now. 🙂


*Please know that your diet is an important part of getting healthy and strong. Eating low amounts of carbs and sugars is very helpful when trying to lose weight. When I cut carbs out of my diet I noticed a considerable difference in my waist size.