26 Recipes for Game Day 

26 Recipes for Game Day 

It’s that time of year again and Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner! When it comes to Football and the Mast household there are different ideas. Kyle LOVES football – and while he tends to prefer College Football he will really watch basically anything that’s on TV. Now me… that’s a different story. I never grew up watching or loving football, or any sport for that matter, and therefore have no real love for the game.

BUT – put me in front of the TV with a plate of goodies and I’ll watch just about anything!

So with game day in mind, I have thrown together some of the best (and personal favorite) recipes of mine for you to feast your eyes on and wrestle with which ones to make!

Let’s Bring on the Food!

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26 Recipes for Game Day

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I hope you found few ideas to your liking! Give it a go and let us know! We hope you enjoy a Super Bowl Sunday with good food and perhaps some good people! Happy game day from us at the Mast home-

Ice Cream Cake Roll

This week I have been filled with a content heart. I have spent every day focusing on my ‘Live for Today’ goals and I have been absolutely blown away by the grace and strength God has given me. It’s so easy to be consumed by our busy days that we forget to lay our day before God and, with specific prayers, ask for His hand to be a part of every moment. It has made this week so much more joyful – even with those little down moments! ice cream cake roll With that being said, I had the motivation, energy, and excuse of a friend coming over to throw myself into the kitchen just for the fun of it rather than the “I have to cook dinner now” mentality. So with my renewed energy, I went for one of my all-time favorite desserts. Ice Cream Cake Roll!

I have been craving this Ice Cream Cake Roll since the last time I made it, but I only like to make it when company is coming as it is SO GOOD it’s hard to not eat all of it in one sitting!

One of my favorite things about this cake is how classic and tasteful it is. The flavor is light and not overpoweringly sweet but absolutely delicious. And, the beauty of ice cream cake roll is that the ingredients are common items most people have in their kitchen already. The only thing I needed to go to the store for was ice cream. SCORE!

Another beautiful thing about ice cream cake roll – it’s EASY!

So let’s go over this… Ice Cream Cake Roll is:

Convenient – Easy – Delicious!

You can’t go wrong! Guess you better go make it right now!

Caylen's Kitchen Recipes ice cream cake roll

As you prepare to bake, a few things you want to have on hand other than the ingredients are:

  • A jellyroll pan (or a cookie sheet with edges)
  • Parchment paper
  • non-stick cooking spray
  • Tea towel

Having these items on hand will make the baking process go much smoother and that much easier!

ice cream roll cake recipe easy desserts


So – to start you are going to combine your flour, baking powder and salt in a small bowl. Stir these together and set aside.

In another medium-sized bowl, beat your three eggs with a hand mixer until lemon colored. (If you are really looking for a good workout you can do it with a hand whisk for one holy huge muscled arm! Hehe)

 NOTE: my grandma told me this phrase “beat until lemon colored.” Now, this is the perfect way to describe the color if you are using store-bought eggs. My family tends to buy farm fresh eggs which are MUCH more of an orange than the yellow yolk. In this case, beat until lemon colored doesn’t apply. I beat my eggs for about a minute and a half to two minutes and this does the trick.

After you have beaten the eggs, add the cup of sugar and mix until combined. Then slowly, on low speed, mix in the hot water and vanilla extract. Mix these well and then combine the wet and dry ingredients.

Set the mixture aside as you ready your baking pan. Set the oven to 350 degrees.

First, you will want to spray your jelly roll pan with nonstick spray. Then put a layer of parchment paper down. Press the paper down firmly until sticking well to the pan, and then spray the top of the parchment paper with nonstick as well.

Add your cake mixture to the pan and spread evenly across. Bake for 12-15 minutes, depending on your oven, until the cake springs back when lightly touched.

ice cream roll cake

Allow the pan to cool for about 3 minutes. You want the cake to be hot when you remove it from the pan so try not to let it cool much longer.

While the cake is cooling slightly, lay a tea towel flat on the counter and dust with powdered sugar.

Next, loosen the edges of the cake from the pan and turn upside down on your powdered tea towel. Carefully remove the parchment paper from the cake while it’s still hot and roll the cake up (with the towel) from the wide end. Allow the cake to cool.

While the cake is cooling, I would recommend taking your ice cream out of the freezer and letting it thaw a bit so it’s easier to spread.

Once your cake has chilled, unroll and spread the vanilla ice cream on the cake in a fairly even layer. Roll the cake with ice cream from the wide side once again and wrap with saran wrap and place in the freezer to harden.

ice cream cake roll ice cream roll cake

Once the cake has hardened in the freezer, remove from wrapping, dust with additional powdered sugar and cut into 1” slices. ENJOY!

I personally love the light, subtle taste of a classic ice cream cake roll, but it is also very versatile! You can use

 different ice cream flavors for the filling or even add some cocoa powder to your cake mix for a chocolate ice cream cake roll! Whatever strikes your fancy, give it a go! You won’t be disappointed!

Do you have an ice cream cake roll idea to share? Let us know!

Did you try this recipe out and like it? Show us yours!

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Easy, No-fail Pie Crust

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The pie crust I am about to share with you is the one my Grandma always made. I learned to make this crust when I was still in high school. I actually taught myself how to make it since by the time I had any interest in baking my grandmother had already passed.

The only time I ever had this crust turn out nasty was because I left it in the oven for too long and it tasted burnt. (Another reason for a pie crust sheild.) Otherwise, this crust turns out great for me every time I whip it up in my tiny, little, camper kitchen.

If any of you have had a hard time making pie crust and have little confidence in your pie skills, I would recommend trying this recipe. I really don’t see how any one could mess it up. Only four ingrediants and BAM-It’s made, its tasty, and its just the right mix between crumbly and soft. Much like a shortbread cookie.

Please read through the instructions and you will find that I give a little advice on how to make the crust turn out just the way you want it. So, lets get started.


  • white flour
  • salt
  • butter
  • water
  • lemon juice/apple cider vinegar

*This recipe yields one thin pie crust. I find the thickness perfect for pumpkin pie cause I am only filling the pie pan with crust and not putting more over top as with fruit pies. If making a fruit pie, I recommend doubling the recipe if you want your crust to be nice and thick.


Step 1:  Measure out 2 cups of flour. Add 1/4 teaspoon salt. Stir.

Step 2: Add 1 cup of lightly softened butter. Cut up into cubes or  use whole sticks. 

Step 3: Using a pastry cutter (use two forks if you do not have a pastry cutter), work the butter into the flour/salt mixture. Do so until it resembles lumpy sand. *I like to get it to a point where it is starting to clump together.*

Step 4: Add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. Then add 3 tablespoons of cold water.

Step 5: Stir with spoon or use hands to mold the dough into a ball. *Using your hands makes it a little faster and much easier* 


Step 6: *Here comes the part where you roll out the dough. I do not have wax paper most of the time so I have a little trick for you that makes this process a lot less frustrating.*  Take a plastic bag from the grocery store and cut it down the sides. Cutting the handles in half, right down the center. Lay bag flat on table and put flour on one side of bag. Place dough (cut dough in half if making a fruit pie that needs a cover crust over top) in the middle of the one floured side and place more flour on top of dough. Fold other side of bag over top of dough. Begin rolling out in a flat circle. 

Step 7: Grab two side of flat dough (still attached to bag) and flip top of pie pan. Walla!! Easy as Pie!! 😉






Step 8: Form dough into pan and cut off extra dough off of edges.

Step 9: Pour in Filling

Step 10: *If making Pumpkin Pie or others without a top crust, skip this step* Repeat Steps 6-8. Press edges of crust-the part laying along rim of pie pan-press down slightly to form both layers of dough together.

Step 11: Form pie edge by placing your index finger into dough edge and pinching that index finger with the opposites hand’s thumb and index finger. Repeat all around edge until finished.





Step 12: For Pumpkin Pie- Bake at 35o degrees Fahrenheit for an hour or until center is firm

For fruit pies- Bake at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes. Turn heat down to  350 degrees and bake for another 30-40 minutes.

Take out of oven and let cool for 45 minutes before serving. Serve and Enjoy!!!!

If you are brave enough to try this recipe please let me know how it turned out. I hope that it becomes a family favorite for you. Make sure to take a look at the recipe cards below for ingredients and instructions.




Pumpkin Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake

Merry Christmas everyone! For me personally, this is the most wonderful time of year! I absolutely love the Holiday season and everything that comes with it. Whether it’s good food, beautiful lights, the smell of pines trees, the story of Jesus or the excitement of gifts under a tree, I’m all about this time of year! Sign me up! Count me in!

There are many things in this world that I simply love – and two of them are Christmas and dessert. Let’s be honest, Christmas time can also be a stressful time, but the beauty of the season is that it isn’t about us but rather the reason for the season. So let me just say, thank you, Jesus, for desserts!Pumpkin Chocolate Swirled Cheesecake

I have many favorite desserts for the Christmas season but this Pumpkin Chocolate Swirled Cheesecake is probably in my top 5! I wouldn’t necessarily go as far as saying this is the easiest dessert I’ve ever made, but I also wouldn’t call it the hardest.

Personally, cheesecake is my Achilles heel. There have been more instances where I have messed up making cheesecake than I care to admit, but it’s possibly my favorite dessert! Most of the time the reason for these mess-ups is that I put too much water in the water bath. Seriously… I just did it again over Thanksgiving. Little note of advice – take it easy on the water bath.

Anywho, I thought I would share how I make this cheesecake in case anyone wants to give it a go this Christmas weekend! This cheesecake is not only beautiful but I love that the pumpkin flavor isn’t overpowering. The chocolate swirl combined with pumpkin makes every bite amazing and topped with whipped cream, this soft and delicious cheesecake will blow your socks off!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

TIP #1 – take your time! The main reason I have made “oopsies” while making cheesecake is that I rush it and don’t read the directions slowly and thoroughly! Try to allow at least an hour to prepare the cheesecake so you aren’t rushed and avoid making mistakes.

TIP #2 – I would definitely recommend having all your ingredients out before you start – this will help make the process go more smoothly so you won’t be scrambling!

Pumpkin Chocolate Swirled Cheesecake recipe

pumpkin chocolate swirled cheesecake recipe directions

To begin, place your oven rack in center of oven and heat to 350 degrees.

In a food processor,  you are going to chop your graham crackers until finely ground and then mix in the sugar. Then add the melted butter and pulse until combined and cookie mixture is evenly moistened.pumpkin chocolate swirled cheesecake crust

Pour your cookie/butter mixture into the bottom of a 9-inch springform pan and using a flat-bottomed, straight-sided glass, press and smooth the bottom and nudge the crumbs halfway up the sides (you can use your fingers too). BAKE until firm – about 8-10 minutes and let cool.

Don’t mind my terrible artistry!

Once the pan is cool, wrap the bottom and sides with overlapping squares of heavy duty aluminum and place in a large baking pan (I use a roasting pan). NOTE – I will put multiple overlapping layers – anywhere from 5-6 layers as I tend to always get water from the water bath leaking through.

Leave the oven on and move your oven rack to the bottom third of the oven.

In a stand mixer using the paddle attachment, beat the cream cheese on medium speed until smooth, about 1 minute – try not to overmix. Add the sugar and beat until combined. Add the pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and vanilla and mix until smooth. Add the eggs, egg yolk and ¼ C. of the heavy cream. Mix until well combined and set aside.pumpkin chocolate swirled cheesecakepumpkin chocolate swirled cheesecake batter

Heat the remaining 1/3 C. heavy cream in a small saucepan over medium heat to just below a boil; remove from heat and add the chocolate. Whisk until smooth and mix in 1 C. of the pumpkin batter.

Pour the remaining pumpkin batter into the prepared crust. Drop 2 tablespoon dollops of the chocolate batter over the pumpkin batter. It doesn’t have to look perfect as you will be swirling it. Using a wooden skewer, continuously write capital cursive L’s throughout the batter. Be careful not to scrape the bottom.pumpkin chocolate swirled cheesecake recipe

Pour 1 inch of boiling water into the baking pan. NOTE – I only put enough water to reach just below the first layer of foil so water doesn’t pour into the layers of foil.Pumpkin Chocolate Swirled Cheesecake

Bake until only the center of the cake jiggles when nudged – about 1 hour 25 minutes. If the cheesecake starts to crack this is typically an indicator that it is being overcooked. Turn the heat off but leave the cake in the oven with the door open for another 45 minutes.

Remove from the water bath and foil and run a thin, sharp knife around the edge of the cake. Cool completely on a rack. Cover the pan with plastic wrap (without letting it touch the cake) and chill for at least 8 hours and up to 24.

When you are ready to serve the cheesecake, remove the springform pan. Run a long, thin metal spatula under the bottom crust and carefully slide the cheesecake onto a flat plate. Serve with whipped cream and ENJOY!

Did you give it a try?? Let me know what you think!


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The BEST Most Amazing Cornbread Ever!

The BEST Most Amazing Cornbread Ever!

This is no ordinary cornbread. Seriously people – I couldn’t decide whether I should put this in the “bread” section of my recipe book or the “desserts!” This amazing cornbread is not your typical run of the mill, dry crumbly cornbread. This is more like CAKE cornbread.

I remember when my dad first made this and it was like heaven in my mouth! I haven’t made any other cornbread since and I have yet to taste a cornbread recipe I like better. This will quickly become your favorite I can almost promise you!

AND, it’s incredibly easy! Seriously, you can’t go wrong. You literally mix the ingredients in a bowl, toss it in a pan and bake until that gorgeous, golden surface of cornbread assails your senses! Roughly 5 minutes of prep time and 30 minutes bake time and you’ve got yourself a slice of heaven in a 9X13 pan!

I hope you love this recipe as much as I do! So let’s jump in!

amazing cornbread the best cornbread


(Download this recipe card HERE from our Recipe Book!)

You’ll want to have two bowls handy, a large and medium-sized, as well as a 9×13” pan.

In your large mixing bowl, toss together your dry ingredients and mix until combined.

In your medium sized bowl, mix together your wet ingredients until combined. (The butter will typically turn a little lumpy when mixed into the milk and eggs, this is totally okay so no worries!)

Combine the wet ingredients with the dry and mix together well – there will be some small lumps.

Make sure to grease your 9×13” pan and pour the mixture in.







After that, you simply bake for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees until nice and golden and the center is no longer giggly!

Let sit for a couple minutes and then slice and dig in! Serve this with your favorite chili (my favorite is my Whole30 Sweet Potato Chili – YUM!) and you have one of the best cozy evening dinners in! You can make these into muffins or cook in a cast iron or whatever suits your fancy!

Let me know how yours turns out if you give it a go! You won’t regret it I promise!! Happy cooking!


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Crockpot BBQ Ribs

Crockpot BBQ Ribs

Oh hot mamma’s! My kitchen seriously smells GOOD!

When I walk into my house and smell the sweet aroma of cooking ribs… mm mm good.

And THEN, combine that with the fact that it’s cooking in the crockpot and therefore I don’t have to do anything else other than EAT THEM – this is seriously the face these ribs will cause you to make. (Unless of course you don’t like meat… awkward….)

Seriously though, if you are looking for an awesome crock pot meal that takes only minutes to throw together and tastes amazing – look no further.

Added bonus?? My husband loves these so I’m sure you’re man will too!

So first thing is to make sure you have your crock pot out and ready to go! I like to drizzle a nice little layer of barbecue sauce in the bottom before I put the ribs in, just to be sure all that goodness covers every inch of those ribs! 

Next, lay your ribs out on a paper towel or a clean surface, with the meaty side up. Mix all your spices together in a small bowl and stir well until combined. 

NOTE: if you prefer to go sugar free – ditch the brown sugar and use cinnamon! If this sounds strange to you don’t be alarmed! Cinnamon is surprisingly crazy good on certain kinds of meat (I use cinnamon for crock pot carnitas too! YUM!) If you aren’t positive about the cinnamon at first just use a little bit to see how you like it.

Next, rub the spice mixture on the meat. This is easiest using your hands! Once your ribs are smothered in spiced goodness, wrap the ribs around the inside of the crock pot with the meaty side facing out. “They” say (whoever they is) that this is the best way to cook ribs in the crock pot but if you are in a hurry just cut up the ribs into three or four sections and throw them in the crock pot. Whatever is easiest for you! To me personally, they taste the same and it doesn’t make a big difference! 

Once your ribs are in the crock pot, smother those babies in barbecue sauce! I put down about 2-3 cups of sauce on the recipe card, but really I just smother all over until I feel satisfied that there are no sauce free spots on any of those ribs! So smother away with how every much barbecue sauce you want! Then throw your lid on and let the magic happen! Typically I will cook these for about 6-8 hours on low –  but if you are anything like me and forgot about dinner until 2 in the afternoon, cook for 4 hours on high! The ribs are done once the meat begins to fall off the bones! 

Eat these on their own or serve with something else scrumptious like potato’s and roasted cauliflower! Whatever strikes your fancy!

Let me know how the rib cooking goes!

Bon Apetit!