Joovy Nook High Chair Review

Joovy Nook High Chair Review

When I was pregnant with Lillian I did crazy amounts of research and reading – from pregnancy “don’t’s” to what you need and don’t need for baby, to how to clip their fingernails – you name it, I’ve most likely read up on it! So when it came time to set up my baby registry I had a pretty good idea in my mind what I wanted. When it came to a high chair though, I had come to the decision to forgo the use of one. We live in a small little two bedroom, 675 square foot house and I didn’t really have the space to store a high chair.

So, we decided to use the Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Seat. First of all, let me say I love this seat. It is so handy and was perfect for our needs.We don’t have kitchen chairs with backs so we simply placed her on the table and she ate with us from there. It worked for us.

Until Lillian began to jostle around like crazy. I was beginning to panic that she would move around too much and tip right off the table! So began the search for a high chair.

I needed something light and easy to use – a high chair that folded up nicely and didn’t require much space for storing and didn’t cost an arm and a leg. (I seriously couldn’t believe how expensive most high chairs were!)

There are so many great high chairs out there but I decided on the Joovy Nook High Chair. These are my favorite things about this high chair.

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Joovy Nook High Chair


  1. AFFORDABLE – I personally went with the coral color as it was the most affordable and yet still tasteful and pretty. Most high chairs I looked at were way over my budget so the Joovy Nook in Coral coming in at $80 was basically an A+ factor for me. PLUS – with Amazon Prime, you get free shipping with easy returns! Score!
  2. ATTRACTIVE – perhaps it’s petty, but I didn’t want a big old ugly high chair sitting in my kitchen. Call me vain – whatever! But I love how clean and tasteful the Joovy Nook High Chair is. If you know me at all you know that I am a lover of all things white. Mix in some beautiful coral and I’m sold. The legs and tray are a beautiful, clean white, and the seat is a perfect shade of coral. They also come in black, charcoal, turquoise or red.
  3. EASY TO USE – I love that the Joovy High Chair unfolds and folds easily, it’s light (only 15.4lbs) and has a large tray (21in wide) and tray insert that unhooks for easy cleaning. AND, the tray is swing open with adjustable positions. As Lillian grows I can easily adjust the tray position so she isn’t squished or too far away from her food.
  4. CLEANS WELL – I am slightly OCD when it comes to cleaning and so one of my favorite features of the Joovy Nook High Chair is the removable seat cover. There are no hidden spots where food can get crammed in and mold because you can’t reach it! The coral seat cover unhooks and is so easy to wipe clean with a washcloth or Lysol Wipe, as well as being machine washable!
  5. SAFE – obviously I want to know that my babies are going to be safe while in their high chairs. You hear those random stories of babies getting folded up in high chairs and all and it can make you second guess products! But with the Joovy Nook, I feel completely safe. Not only is there a 5 point harness, but it folds forward so I’m pretty positive it’s not even possible for Lillian to get folded into it! The maximum weight limit is 50lbs so we have lots of time to use the high chair still!
  6. COMPACT/SPACE SAVING – This high chair stores beautifully. As I mentioned before, our house is tiny and so I wanted a high chair that folded up relatively small. And I got it! I love how easy it is to store this chair. When folded, the Joovy Nook High Chair is 23.8 x 9 x 28.5 in. The perfect space-saving seat as well as portable.

Let me also note that this comes assembled and everything. No assembly acquired! Which is awesome if you, like myself, aren’t very good at that kind of thing.

Is there anything I would change about the Joovy Nook High Chair?

Not really. But I do think that the one feature that could make this even better would be wheels. Having wheels would make moving the chair around with Lillian sitting in it easier. But honestly, it is so light it’s really not that hard to just lift it. And that’s coming from me – I’m not what you would call a bodybuilder! 🙂 BUT – Joovy does have a similar high chair that does have wheels. You can find that one HERE! I simply just opted for the more affordable version.

So if you are looking around for a nice high chair and are completely at a loss because the reviews are all over the place and everyone has different opinions about EVERYTHING – give the Joovy Nook High Chair a try! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. But even then, you can simply return it.

Happy high chair hunting!