Easy, Homemade Laundry Detergent…That actually Works!!!

Today I am going to share with you the homemade laundry detergent I use. This stuff is great at getting heavily soiled clothing clean. My husband works outside. He gets muddy, covered in wood chips and sometimes gets chainsaw oil over himself. To say the least, his clothes are rather hard to keep clean. Yet, I have found that this detergent does a good job at getting his clothes looking decent again.

Now, it is not a miracle worker. My husband clothes still look like a burly mountain man wears them everyday but I have found that this detergent works just as good if not better as store bought detergent. I do feel it helps keep our clothes a little softer. (I believe that is due to no soap build-up. I’ve read that soap build-up can occur from store bought detergent.)

The reason I started making laundry detergent was because I began cloth diapering when my first son was born. And if you don’t know, cloth diapers need special detergent so as to not ruin the diaper and cause build up in the fabric. (Build up is a bad no-no cause it causes diaper rashes.) And to add, these special cloth diaper detergents can be expensive. I went through a couple laundry detergents, liquid and powder, and found that this was my favorite.

Reasons Why I Recommend this Detergent:

  1. It is simple and fast to put together: Unlike liquid detergents that require a bit of time to whip up, I just measure out the ingredients, dump into a bucket or container, mix and then I am done. Easy and fast.
  2. It did not irritate my sons sensitive skin: My second son had major skin issues due to allergy’s. Not to mention just not so great of skin. (Passed on by me, I am afraid. Sorry for the not so great genes, Luke!) A lot of detergents made him break out. Perfumes in soap made his stomach get eczema bumps. Not a good thing. But this stuff never irritated  his skin. Woohoo!!! Points for mama!!
  3. It gets the job done: Some detergents just don’t get clothes clean. I don’t know if any one else has dealt with that but I want detergent that works if I am going to spend money on it. But I also dont want to spend a fortune on good detergent. *see reason 5.*
  4. It doesn’t have a scent: Perhaps you like your clothes smelling like laundry detergent but my husband and I do not. We just want our clothes clean and odorless.
  5. It is cost efficient: I have not calculated the cost as of yet for how much it is per gallon. (I will do so and give update.) But it is cheaper than store bought brands that get the job done and done well.

Now, I am going to give credit where credit is due. I did not make up this recipe. I found it on Pinterest about five years back. Unfortunately, I can not find the link to which site I originally found it on. I must have pinned it to the wrong board on accident. Oops!!! So in an effort to right that wrong I am going to link you to a site that I found it on when I began searching for it again. Click here for link. I recommend going to this lady’s site because she gives you the recipe for a large and small batch as well as other information that is most helpful. (Her recipe is specifically geared towards cloth diapers. She calls for ‘baby’ oxi-clean but I use the regular kind for day to day laundry.)

I hope that some of you are brave enough to try this detergent out for yourself. If you do, I hope you will not be disappointed. Let me know if you do end up giving it a go and how it turned out for you.

God bless and thanks for stopping by,


*The cloth diaper company I used was Clothdiaper.com.  I highly recommend them. I say that not to make a sell but because I was really happy with the products I received from them. I hope it would be helpful to someone else. 🙂


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