Cold Season Survival Kit for Babies

Cold Season Survival Kit for Babies

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As November has blown into Montana a runny nose and chest coughs have blown in with it – and therefore the need for a cold season survival kit for babies has come again! The colds that have decided to make residence around our home so far have been particularly nasty, sometimes adding low-grade fevers and earaches to the already long list of typical cold symptoms. As much as I really dislike being sick, I hate watching my baby girl struggle with illness even more! I remember as a child, my dad would always say things like “if I could take the pain away I would” or “if I could be sick instead I would!” I totally get it now! At the time it was comforting and I felt loved, but I didn’t understand the depth of those words. But boy, I’m becoming my father. I say the same things to Lillian now!

The winter Lillian was born proved to be a hard one for Montana and the crazy amount of viruses that blew through the Bitterroot Valley was unavoidable. I honestly don’t know how she got so many colds during her first few months on this earth, considering I didn’t take her out terribly often. And I rarely let people other than family and close friends hold her. But her little body kept getting cold after cold. As a first-time mom, it just killed me watching her struggle and I wished I could trade places with her! So, like any normal first-time mother, I went on a mission to find everything I could in hopes to ease her discomfort. Throughout the past few months, I have collected my favorite products and perfected my “cold season survival” regime! I hope this Cold Season Survival Kit for babies helps other mamas who are in search of safe and effective ways to nurse and love on their sick babes.

Cold Season Survival Kit for Babies
Cold Season Survival Kit for Babies

 Unfortunately, with newborns and babies under age 1, your options are a bit limited. But there are a handful of things you can do to ease pain and encourage a swift recovery. I used these for Lillian as a newborn and continue to use them to this day!

The first thing to remember as you let the cold work its course is to keep baby hydrated! The best thing for baby is your breast milk, which is full of antibodies that will help baby fight off the cold faster and stay hydrated! If you aren’t able to breastfeed and using formula instead that’s totally fine and just as good! Just make sure baby isn’t lacking for liquids!



  • Nose Frida – seriously, this thing is awesome! When I first had Lillian I remember seeing reviews for these on Pinterest and going, “EW!”  But decided to buy one and have on hand just in case. Boy, am I glad I made that decision! I have used this nose aspirator more times than I can even count. And don’t worry, you aren’t ACTUALLY sucking their snot into your mouth or anything. Ya silly goose! You can get the Nose Frida HERE. But if you still can’t get past the “ew” factor there are battery powered nose aspirators you can buy like THIS ONE. I personally like the Nose Frida as I can determine the sucking strength. Hahaha, that sounds so weird 😛 I recommend having extra filters on hand as needed!
  • Saline Mist – I love the baby’s saline mist as it can help loosen up baby’s boogies so they have an easier time breathing! Be sure to do a spray test before spraying in your baby’s nose so you don’t over-do it! You can pick up the “Little Remedies” brand HERE. I also liked this brand as well.
  • Boogie Wipes – When I first saw these I was definitely skeptical. There is NO WAY I was going to spend $4 on 30 moist towelettes! But I decided to test them out for myself and I’m pretty happy with the decision. I don’t use these wipes for every single nose wiping but like to have them around for the crusty noses. It was uncomfortable for Lillian’s little nose when I would try to clean the crustiness off with a normal Kleenex. The saline in these wipes really helps loosen everything up so that wiping their little noses is so much easier and less painful! You can also save money and buy this three pack or this six-pack on Amazon. Score!
  • Vick’s Baby Rub – I seriously LOVE this stuff. It’s one of my absolute essentials for cold season! Vick's Baby Rub Soothing Ointment The smell is subtle, pleasant and comforting, especially when a cough and stuffy head are attacking! I like to rub this on Lillian’s chest and feet and even put a little tiny dab on the tip of her nose to help encourage easy breathing! You can find off brands at most drug stores as well.
  • Humidifier – having a humidifier around for cold season is SO nice. Every time Lillian is fighting a cold I like to plug in her humidifier when she’s sleeping. A large humidifier can run you anywhere from $35 and up, and if you’re anything like me (aka cheap) oftentimes you don’t feel like spending the money. I found THIS nice little humidifier on Amazonurpower humidifier for a nice price and have been really happy with it! Lillian’s room is small enough – but I would recommend looking into a larger humidifier like this for a larger area – and it’s only $35. I sometimes drop some essential oils into our humidifier as well – double check this is compatible with your humidifier before doing so!
  • Aquaphor BabyI like to keep Aquaphor Baby around all the time, not just for cold seasons! I love how thick and moisturizing this lotion is for dry skin and eczema. I’ll use some Aquaphor on Lillian’s little nose every day to keep it from getting too dry and scaly. A little bit goes a long way so you won’t need to buy a new bottle every month! A++ Get Aquaphor Baby HERE.
  • Zarbee’s Baby Immune Support & Vitamins this is not a necessary item for cold season but I personally like having it around to give Lillian’s immune support an extra boost! I would warn to be careful when giving this to a newborn, as it’s a bit thick and harder to swallow. When Lillian was a newborn, I would give her slow little sips of it so not to overwhelm her! Get Zarbee’s Immune Support HERE. Probiotics are also something I am all about! There are many different kinds and be sure to check labels on ages – this one on Amazon is a good probiotic – and once your kiddos are older, Plexus has an awesome Multi-Vitamin + Probiotic for kiddos you can get HERE.
  • Essential Oilsthe first time Lillian got a cold as a baby a friend of mine (thank you, Dani!) came over and gave me some wonderful oils to help!essential oils set rahda beauty I have since continued using these oils every time a cold comes knocking. A lemon citrus concoction that I rub on her feet and a peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus and olive oil mixture I will put on her chest and behind her ears (and a few drops in her humidifier!) I find these oils to be incredibly comforting and relaxing for a sick babe! You can find oils just about anywhere, but this set I find on Amazon and include just about everything you may need for cold season survival!
  • Shea Moisture Baby Oilthis baby oil is my absolute favorite! shea moisture baby oil rub This is not a necessity but who doesn’t love a nice warm bath when you don’t feel well! Put a few drops of this baby oil in the bath, set up a space heater in the bathroom and give your little one a nice little soak. They will smell glorious afterward and I’m sure they will be happier. You can get this two pack on Amazon!
  • Hyland’s Tiny Cold Tablets – PLEASE NOTE: these are NOT for newborns. I personally like to steer away from medicine for babies as much as possible but there are times you just need a little something extra to help them sleep and get a little relief. These tiny cold tablets are for babies 6 months and up (unless instructed by a physician) and can truly be wonderful if your little one is suffering miserably. I realize everyone has mixed opinions on these sorts of things, and I am in no way trying to tell you your need to use these! I am not a doctor and these opinions are my own. But these can truly be helpful when needed. Be sure to read your labels for usage directions!
  • Steaming – one thing you can do to help a baby with congestion and a stuffy nose is steaming. I’ll go into our bathroom and close the door and turn the shower on as hot as it will go and let the bathroom steam up. Sit in the bathroom with your little one and let them breathe in some warm steamy air to help clear out their nasal passages and breathe easier! Steaming can be especially helpful if your baby is suffering from croup. (If your baby is suffering from croup, stepping outside briefly for a breath of cool fresh air can do serious wonders!)

Snuggle Time

It’s absolutely no fun to watch your little one suffer – but with prayer, time and TLC your little one will be back to normal before you know it. Don’t forget the power of some comfy PJ’s, cuddles and a warm cozy room! More often than not, you are the best medicine for your little one. Lots of love all around! Relax and enjoy those snuggles.

P.S.  If you are worried about your baby’s cold and your inner mommy radar is giving you a red flag, call your doctor. You know your little one the best and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Most doctors’ offices have nurses on hand that you can call and simply talk to about your questions and concerns, with no cost to you. Don’t be afraid to ask if you are concerned! For me personally, it was comforting to have the reassurance that everything was totally fine and normal.

Do you have any products or home remedies you use to help your sick babies?? Let me know!