Daily Prayer Prompts

Daily Prayer Prompt Template Give-Away

The past couple days have been busy. Unfortunately, I was unable to write up a nice article for you this fine Tuesday. But I never want to leave our readers hanging so I decided to create a Prayer template for you all.

We all know how important prayer is. And if we don’t, we may want to dig into the word and find out it significance and power. There are also some wonderful books out there that can help in this area as well.

Prayer holds a lot more power in our life than we think. It is the way we communicate with our God. It is how we unleash all our fears, and burdens and pain and begin to heal. It is how we turn our eyes upon God and off of ourselves. Prayer gets us aligned with God’s will, not our own. And it helps defeat the enemy of our souls.

I made up this Prayer Template to give you some ideas on how to stay focused while praying. If you are anything like me, my mind wanders and I lose track of what I was praying about. This also helps me to stay focused on all areas of prayer. Many times we can get self absorbed, praying for only ourselves and our own family. These prayer prompts will help you remember all faucets of prayer.

Keeping a prayer journal might be helpful as well. I don’t have anything fancy with a bunch of sticky notes and bullet heads and organized chaos. My prayer journal is merely a $5 journal I picked up at Ross. Our prayer life isn’t meant to be fancy, just sincere.

Prayer Journals:


I hope that this Prayer Template is helpful to some of you. These are the prayer prompts I use daily. May they be a blessing to you in your walk of faith.

Prayer Template: *copy and save to computer. Print and use in journal*

prayer template


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